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The purpose of this activity at the beginning of the school year is to foster Tolerance and Empathy among the students.

We chose the following words: ASSUMPTIONS, STEREOTYPING, DISCRIMINATION as starting point to make students reflect on the misconceptions they might bring to the class and how harmful they can be if we do not address them properly  and in time.


  • Have students do an individual mind map about the three words: ASSUMPTIONS, STEREOTYPING, DISCRIMINATION
  • They share their work in small groups. After that, each group will share their thoughts.


  • Students will answer in small groups the following question: Can you identify and relate those words to the school environment? How?
  • Find some examples.
  • Students will  mention the examples they found during their discussions in small groups and share them with the rest of the group.


  • Teacher ask the students to answer this question: What can you do to avoid, STEREOTYPING, DISCRIMINATION and making ASSUMPTIONS?
  • Have the students discuss in small groups their thoughts about the question
  • All the students share their thoughts and with the help of teacher they create a Word Cloud as conclusion.

(The word cloud above is an example of the work expected from the activity.)


Maribel Guerrero Gonzalez

Fernando Cruz Ortega


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